Brunswick’s New Budget Plan–Town Manager John Eldridge

16 Mar Brunswick’s New Budget Plan–Town Manager John Eldridge

If you live or do business in Brunswick, it’s a story that may have significant impact on your immediate financial future. Brunswick town manager John Eldridge has proposed a “maintenance” budget for town municipal functions in the new fiscal year beginning in July–featuring no new frills or major spending initiatives, and a tax increase of 1.3 percent. That, coupled with a small county tax increase and a yet-to-be determined increase for the school department, is expected to increase the property tax in Brunswick in the range of two and a half to three and a half percent.

On Friday morning, as this story was breaking, there was ONLY ONE place to find it. Radio 9 WCME. 900AM and Where Eldridge talked at length with Jim Bleikamp about the details of the plan. And also a little about what it did NOT include.

Missed it? Hear it here. From Radio 9 WCME. News BEFORE the papers.