Sentence Is Passed In Bath Shooting Death

21 Nov Sentence Is Passed In Bath Shooting Death

From WCME News 9:

Emotional moments today at the courthouse in
West Bath, where 24-year-old Dylan Grubbs of Thomaston was sentenced to five years in prison–with half of the time–or two and a half years suspended. The sentence followed a plea of guilty from Grubbs, who had initially been charged with manslaughter, to a lesser count of domestic violence with reckless use of a firearm, in last year’s shooting death of his fiance, 22-year-old Chelsea Jones as she sat in their vehicle in the parking lot of Shaw’s supermarket in Bath.

Grubbs was showing a 9mm Taurus handgun to a prospective buyer when the gun accidentally went off–resulting in a gunshot wound to the woman.

Keith Jones, the father of the woman, tells WCME News 9 that he wants the case to be a lesson to all of us about the importance of gun safety.